What my Amazon order history says…

Recently I looked at my order history on Amazon.com. I looked through everything I had ever ordered and I noticed two things. 

1. I’m selfish 

2. I’m good at wasting money 
The amount of items I’ve purchased for other people is ridiculously low. Nearly everything I’ve ever purchased was for myself. And all of those things I’ve bought myself were unnecessary. But I still used this info to see how I’ve changed, from my very first amazon order to my most recent one. My very first amazon order ever was on July 15th, 2012, making me fourteen years old. My very first purchase was Grand theft auto: Vice city for the Playstation 2. I remember that I played this game a total of two times and couldn’t stop staring at the animated bikini woman poster. I no longer have the game, I don’t even have a Playstation 2. My most recent purchase was an off brand $40 smart watch. I honestly don’t see myself using this much, I’m not even sure why I bought it. What this all tells me it’s that I’m not too different than I was at age 14. I still waste money, I still stare at women in bikinis, I still use amazon to buy useless stuff, basically, I’m still a 14 year old boy. Sucks. At least I’m not into animated women anymore. 😉 😉
P.S. Fuck anime, fuck bronies, fuck anyone who’s different. Bush did 911. #blameobama 

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