Movie of the Week (October 22nd – October 29th)

The 2013 “Evil Dead” stars some people and was directed by a guy whose name I can’t pronounce. It’s kind of a remake, but is different enough that it could be considered a sequel. “Evil Dead” is darker than all of the previous installments. The originals were kind of comedy/horror. This one is just horror and it’s great. The actors aren’t the best, but I didn’t really have any problems. The movie feels great (whatever the fuck that means). It’s VERY VERY violent. I don’t have a problem with the violence, but there is a lot…. I guess I should explain the plot. Mia is a drug addict and she, her brother, and some friends go to their childhood cabin in the woods for a weekend so she can kick her drug problem. When the go, they discover the book and some bad shit happens. Really the only problem I have with this movie is the part at the beginning where Mia is pouring her drugs out of the drug bag down a well. It’s super cheesy. Overall, good movie. I give it an 8/10, would smash.

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