Something to avoid…

Dead By Daylight is something I think you should avoid. The game is an awesome idea, especially for a horror fan, but it doesn’t deliver. I’m not saying it’s a bad game, I’m just not saying it’s good. Nevermind, I’m saying that it’s bad. I don’t like this game at all and I was really excited for it. Playing as the killer in a slasher movie without actually murdering a real person, that sounds awesome, but not as awesome as I was hoping. To start, I don’t like the way the game looks. I haven’t played it in a while, so this could’ve changed, but all the maps were really orangish/red and it really bothered me. Aside from the weird color scheme, the maps were boring, there isn’t much to explore. Another thing I don’t like is how there’s only one possible way to escape, the game would be a lot more fun if there was more than one way to escape the killer. I don’t really like the first person. It’s not that it’s first person (it is), but it’s just the way it feels and the way you move. I guess I would describe it as not “crisp” enough (If that even means anything). Overall I just didn’t really like this game. It’s not fun and it doesn’t look that great either. It gets boring quickly and I prefer the alternative Friday the 13th: The Game. Bottom line, I would not recommend spending money on this game.

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