Something to check out…

Instead of our “Of the Week” posts that we never did, every week we are going to post about something to Check out, something to avoid, and something to look forward to. Starting off is something to check out.

Something you should definitely check out is this episode of Angel entitled “Are you now or have you ever been”. I’m gonna be honest and say I don’t get the title, but hey, I’m not that smart. If you’ve never seen Angel, you’re really missing out. Angel is a great show that has a little bit of everything. Before I tell you about the episode I’m recommending, I’ll tell you a little about the show. (If you already know, skip ahead.)

Angel is a spinoff from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The character Angel is a vampire with a soul. To sum up, Angel was one of the most dangerous, horrible, and violent vampires to ever live, but one day he killed the wrong person, a gypsy (still don’t know what that is). The gypsy’s clan or family, whichever, then cursed him with a soul. In this show, when people are made into vampires, they still have all their memories and everything, but they loose their soul, which makes them unable to feel guilt or remorse for the horrible things they do. So when Angel’s soul was restored, he suddenly remembered every bad thing he ever did and had to spend the rest of his days trying helping people who can’t help themselves in order to atone for his sins. This all happened before either show takes place and is told through flashbacks. Then Buffy starts. Angel starts by helping Buffy out with things, warning her and occasionally helping her fight. Eventually Buffy starts to fall in love with Angel. (Angel was in love with Buffy way before that) Skip ahead, he left the town Buffy was in because he loved her so much, but knew he couldn’t give her a normal life. This is where the spinoff starts, so I can introduce the episode I’m recommending. (That has to be the longest summary I’ve ever written.)

Angel has 5 seasons and 110 episodes, all of which are good. You could honestly watch any episode and get hooked. There are a bunch that stand out and a bunch I could’ve recommended. I picked this one mostly because most of it’s set in the fifties and I love the fifties. In this episode, Angel revisits an old hotel he stayed at… in the fifties and you get to see what happened when he was there.

I don’t want to give away too many details (even though it’s like 20 years old) because I want people to watch it for themselves, but I’ll tell you some. The hotel has a history of death and horrible happenings, and when Angel is staying there, a man kills himself. Everyone in the hotel is paranoid and accusing each other of murdering him.

There’s a woman there who is being investigated for robbing a bank and Angel helps her hide from the PI. She keeps going to Angel for help and he keeps helping her. She gets caught up in everyones paranoia, but in a different way. She doesn’t accuse anyone, she’s afraid that she’ll be accused. Angel eventually figures out what’s really causing all these people to be so paranoid and tries to stop it. I’ll let you decide wether he succeeds or not. OR YOU COULD JUST WATCH IT YOURSELF. This isn’t just a great episode of Angel, it’s a great episode of TV in general and I would highly recommend watching it even if you aren’t interested in the show.


PS. I overuse commas a lot and I’m not that great at explaining the plot.

(Accidentally rhymed up there ^)


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