The Nuclear Crew Group Chat

The group chat we all have is filled with horrible and disgusting things that should never be shared with anyone. That being said, I’m gonna share some of the least horrible things with you. The photo that goes along with this post is the oldest one the messenger app will show me. What’s happening in the photo is me, Nick, and Josh were pretending to have a great time to make Cameron feel bad for leaving early. Good times. That’s one of the less vulgar and horrible things in our chat. Some of the more horrible things are pictures that I’m not going to post on this website and quotes that I will post below.

“get some Voss or diet club soda. Oh shit… fucking tonic water *****”



“Not until 5 AM. I’m not Cameron, I don’t need 10 hours of sleep”



“Now we know why we don’t get carts done, kids are having drift competitions in the back”


“Caleb range rovers are not amphibious”



“Tire not really to do much”



“Heil Hitler”



“Yesterday you said tomorrow”



Ok, so I didn’t put any of the really bad ones, but that’s just cause I didn’t feel like looking through our old messages for that long. My personal favorite is “Caleb range rovers are not amphibious”. All two people who are gonna read this should let us know your favorite.


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