Halloween is here… exciting right? Yes. Halloween is almost the best holiday. Second to only Christmas. That’s right, the two best holidays are like completely opposite. Anyway, we have really exciting plans for Halloween. That’s right, nothing. Maybe something, I don’t know. Probably nothing you’ll know about. Bunch of bitches.

Ignore the above, what this post is really about is the spirit of Halloween. Halloween is about seeing women dressed as slutty versions of various occupations. Halloween is about for some reason giving away candy to children for free. Halloween is about pretending to be someone you’re not because you’re really sad about the person you are. That of course is only true in adults who dress up. Halloween is about all of the things I said above, but Halloween is really about what any other holiday is about, being with people you love. Sure, it’s not the same as Christmas where you spend the day with your family, on Halloween you go out for free candy at strangers houses at night. Shit… Halloween sounds like a horrible idea. Moving on, Halloween is more about friends than family. Wether you’re trick or treating with them or going to a Halloween party (which will never end well), or watching horror movies, chances are you’ll be with your friends on Halloween and that’s always a good thing. Happy Halloween.


P.S. You better recommend our website to your friends or you’ll end up at my house tonight. (Not sure if that makes sense)

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