Horror is the BEST genre

I love horror movies and I always have. Even before I ever watched one, I loved everything about them that I knew. There are a lot of varied opinions on horror. Some people love it, some people hate them, and some people think that they’re the worst thing to ever exist. I truly believe that horror is the best genre of just about everything and I’m gonna tell you why.


They’re for women

Everyone hates feminists. I’m not talking about all feminists, I’m talking about the ones who think that every man alive is Hitler. We don’t hate them because they’re feminists, we hate them because they’re mean. Anyway, if any one group of people should love horror movies, it should be feminists. Why? Because nine times out of ten in horror, the main protagonist, or hero, is a woman. And I know, there are often women cast in these movies with the main purpose of exposing their breasts, but along with those women, there is always a strong and heroic woman who beats the bad guy. The strong female characters aren’t the only reason why women should love this amazing genre. There are also many female directors who got their start in horror and continue to scare us. And just think, Wonder Woman got so much praise for doing something horror has always been doing, making a strong woman into a hero whom people can look up to. The point is that horror is just as much for women as it is for men. Plus, who doesn’t love to see a woman kick some ass?


The Spectacular World of Horror

The world of horror is much like the Marvel Universe. The Marvel Universe is huge, it’s filled with interesting and iconic characters, and it’s everywhere. It’s in movies, TV, books, comics, toys, and the list goes on. Horror is all of those things and the universe of horror is just as big. Another big similarity is that there’s almost always a way to connect every horror movie. I don’t mean like the characters from Stephen King’s IT could just run into Jason Voorhees. What I mean is that it would be easy and believable to say that Pennywise and Jason exist in the same world. It would be a terrifying world that I would never want to live in, but it could exist. This is all true because the world of horror is so big and there’s so much going on in so many different places. The biggest reason the universe of horror is the best is because it’s brought us some of the best and most iconic stories.



Everyone may not see sequels as one of the good things about horror, but I do. Now, there are a lot of horror sequels, most of which are not good, but with horror sequels, even the bad ones are good. They give you more of what you loved watching. They give you more of the characters you loved. Good or bad, they give you more of something you wanted to see more of. Plus they can spark some really interesting conversations.


They’re for Everyone

Wether you believe it or not, there’s a perfect horror movie out there for everyone. Because horror has everything, everyone can enjoy it. With the power of sub-genres you can find your perfect horror movie. There’s your classic torture porn, which I really don’t like, but some people do. There’s monster movies, supernatural movies, thrillers, comedy horror, the list goes on. There’s jump scares, psychological scares, there’s just being afraid because you don’t know whats gonna happen, and more. Not only is all of that true, but out of all characters in everything, horror movie victims are the easiest to connect with and relate to because everyone knows what it’s like to be afraid, and it’s easier to relate to someone when you both know the feeling. Horror can make real life less scary too. You can use it to escape your real problems, but no matter how scary life gets, you can always watch a scary movie and think “at least that shit’s not happening to me”.

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