Something to check out…

Honestly, what I’m gonna recommend you should already be watching. It’s something you probably have a bad opinion about even though you have never watched it. What I’m talking about is professional wrestling. If you don’t watch pro wrestling, you are missing out on some amazing stuff. Sure, wrestling has it’s bad moments, but what doesn’t? If you just finished the show you were watching and you need something new to watch, watch wrestling. There’s so much of it that it is literally impossible to run out of wrestling to watch. And I know a lot of people like to say that only the old stuff is good and wrestling isn’t as good as it used to be, but those people are very much wrong. Wrestling is SOOOOO much better than it used to be. Keep in mind, most people who say the old stuff is better haven’t seen a single second of “the new stuff”. I love older wrestling just as much as the next guy, but that already happened and it was good, but now there’s new wrestling that’s even better.

Wrestling really has something for everyone. In what I hope won’t become a habit, I’m going to compare another universe to the Marvel universe. The wrestling universe is like the Marvel Universe. It has amazing characters, it’s big, and it’s been around forever. The wrestling universe is better, at least to me. Wrestling fans are the most passionate fans of anything. There are casual wrestling fans just like in anything else, but even the casual fans know more about wrestling than most people know about Egypt. (I know that’s a weird comparison)

I could easily make this article go on forever, but I’m gonna end it here. I just want to say, as you should do in most things, don’t judge wrestling before you’ve even watched it. Don’t just assume the wrestling you grew up with is better than what there is now. Give it a chance. Watch one match, then decide. Below are some of the best matches that should get you hooked.

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