Something to avoid…

This one is something you should already know, but something you should definitely avoid is being a dick. More specifically a gym dick. You know what I’m talking about, the guys who wear shirts that are sleeveless all the way down to their waist. The guys who think they’re automatically better than everyone because they work out. The guys who are unnecessarily loud and obnoxious because they want attention. The absolute worst kind of person you can possibly be. There is such thing as a female gym dick too, but they are not even close to as bad as their male counterparts.  The point is, don’t be a gym dick.

Let me tell you a story, once upon a time I was at work (Golds Gym). It was around midnight and the gym was packed with a total of about 5 people. Two of those people were the gym dicks I spoke of above. Now let me set the scene. A gym at night is different from the gym during the day. At night, the music in the gym is somehow louder and even more annoying. The people in the gym are completely silent, it’s just different. Now back to the story. There weren’t many people in the gym when two twenty somethings walked in. They both were white and had tribal tattoos even though there is no tribe that they belonged to. They both had on the sleeveless down to the waist shirts, they both had the same long on the top and shaved on the sides haircut, they were basically just two of the same douchebag. They didn’t show their douchtom at check in. They mostly were quiet, so I wasn’t worried. A couple minutes passed and all I could hear was the unnecessarily loud and stupid conversation of these two assholes. They somehow didn’t realize that other people were in the gym. Not only could I hear them talking over the music in the gym, I put on some surround sound over ear headphones and could still hear them. Many of the people in the gym left soon after the douche twins arrived. I don’t know what it is, do they not know people hate them? Do they not care? What makes them act like that? Why are they OK being like that? No one can know for sure, but what we do know is that all gym douches need to stop immediately. Maybe watch the South Park episode “The F word”. You know the one, with the Harley riders. Final statement: Fuck the gym douche, fuck douches in general.

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