I’m basically still 12 years old

Recently, I found a short story I wrote when I was 12 years old. I tried to publish it on amazon. I read it and found it hilarious, so I am going to copy and paste it below. Be warned that it make no sense and is insane. Enjoy.




There once was a little boy named Johnny, he was in the store with his mom. They were in the pet isle, then Johnny had to use the bathroom. He quickly grabbed a bag of kitty litter and went to the bathroom without his mom noticing. When he got there he opened the bag of kitty litter and poured it in the first urinal. He then sat on the kitty litter. Next a greasy, long haired, gross, feces covered man walked in. He looked at the little boy and said “whatch you doing you stupid midget”? Little boy looked at him with a scared look, so the man offered him something he had never seen before. It was rolled up in a paper towel. The boy took it. He said, “How do you use this”? The old man then lit it and told the boy to inhale it. The boy did then immediately went to crap. Meanwhile the boys mom lost the boy, she panicked. She tried everything. She even got the store to call out the boys name, but he was high and couldn’t hear her. Eventually she called the cops, but before that happened something else interesting happened. The boy was in the bathroom and had to pee, so he whipped out his wee wee and began peeing everywhere, even on the man. When the cops got there the boy came out of the bathroom and said “what’s all this crap about”. His mom was relieved and angry. She asked where he’d been. He said “everywhere and back mamma.”

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