Friday the 13th… could have been better

I always think I’m right and am often unwilling to acknowledge when I’m not. I also get upset when something that could’ve been good wasn’t (Not a good quality), so here’s how I think Friday the 13th could be better. When I say this, I’m talking about the 2009 remake. This wasn’t the worst remake ever, but it wasn’t great. It kind of stayed true to the original films in the sense that it had lots of naked women and violence, but it didn’t have the same feel as the other ones. It didn’t really feel like they were in Camp Crystal Lake. The biggest problem I have is that in this movie Jason is interchangeable with almost any generic movie killer. This movie would probably fit most other famous murderers better than Jason. Also, the tunnels underground would be good for, again, almost any other movie, but part of the mystique of Jason is wondering how he gets from place to place so fast, it makes him scarier. Another big problem was that he was holding some random girl in his murder tunnel. Why didn’t he kill this random girl? Isn’t Jason supposed to have no mercy? It could’ve been explained in the movie, but it’s been a while since I’ve watched it and I most likely won’t watch it again. I’m glad the people behind the movie tried something new, but it wasn’t the right new thing to try. Now…. here’s how I think it should’ve gone.

First of all, a remake was the right way to go, there’s too much crazy shit that happened in all of the sequels to continue with. A fresh start was the only logical thing to do. Another thing they did right was not using the story of the very first movie. A lot of people probably would have been disappointed to see a new Friday the 13th movie without Jason and I don’t think that re-doing Jason’s mom’s killings would be necessary. Plus, the first one was pretty damn good.  I do think they should’ve started it reminiscent of the original though. They kind of did this with the teens gathered around the campfire, but it shouldn’t have just been just a random group of teens, it should’ve been Camp Counselors. Then, oh no! They all get killed. After this, when it goes back to present day, it should be an abandoned Camp Crystal Lake (which I think it was in the remake.) When introducing the new characters, they could be a group of people trying to get the city to clean up and reopen the camp, restoring it to it’s original glory. This is where you would hear the story of why the camp closed. It would be told by the crazy bicycle man who heard them talking outside and approached them.

After every person they talked to told them no, they take it upon themselves to open the camp. They pack up their camping supplies and go to clean up the camp in hopes that it would be reopened if people saw how beautiful it could be. They get there and see all of the abandoned cabins and docks and stuff and get creeped out. Eventually, they could find the cabin Jason stayed in with a bed that has insults and stuff carved into it and they would connect it to bicycle mans story. They start the cleaning up of the camp and everything seems happy and fun, but then it starts to get dark. Uh oh, that’s when all the shit starts to go down and everyone dies. The ending is different though, there’s no survivor girl. You think there will be, but then Jason kills everyone and it ends with Jason standing in the rain over the dead girls body looking like the terrifying monster that he is. Except for when it you see the girl who saw what happened and got away (Shades of Jarvis). Anyway, hope you enjoyed my Friday the 13th remake plans, if not, I don’t care because I’m right. Please like, share and subscribe to our blog. Follow us on social media using the icons at the top of the page.

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