Scream the TV series… could be/have been better

I always think I’m right and am often unwilling to acknowledge when I’m not. I also get upset when something that could’ve been good wasn’t (Not a good quality), so for the second time I will show you this by telling you how Scream the TV series could have been better.

I love all the Scream movies and the TV series. I’m not bashing the series at all, but there are some ways that I think it could have been better. To sum up the two seasons that are out will be hard, but I will try. People start getting killed and there’s a connection to an old famous murderer. After that sentence, I realize that I can not sum the story up very well, so google it yourself.

Anyway, Scream is a phenomenal (not a word I use very often) show. The biggest problem I have with the series is the fact that it has nothing to do with the movies, they’re just capitalizing off of the name recognition. For a while this bothered me so much that I didn’t watched it, but I eventually watched it and I loved it. There are, however,  plenty of people who, because of this same reason, will never come around. Those same people probably were even more outraged when they found out that they were going to use a new mask. If they would have just gone with an original name it could’ve gained popularity organically. Alternatively, they could’ve gone a different route with the story. They could’ve gone with the classic Scream story, but rebooted as a TV series. Another option would have been to set it in Woodsboro, but focus on a new set of people who have to discover the dark history of Woodsboro the hard way.

I now realize that there aren’t enough things I don’t like in this series to try and correct, so this post is kind of pointless. Overall, I’m happy with the series and I’m glad to see the Scream name live on even if the movies and the show are different.



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