Movie Review – Nurse 3D

Yesterday I watched Nurse 3D on VUDU. It is, as of this post, one of the free movies on the VUDU streaming service. This movie isn’t the worst movie I’ve ever seen as I was interested enough to watch the whole thing. This movie is about a nurse, obviously, who seduces married men and then murders them because they are cheaters. After a new batch of nurses comes into the hospital, the murderer nurse grows an obsession with one of the new nurses. I will not give any spoilers, although you probably won’t end up watching this movie, but then shit gets weird. The biggest thing I noticed about this movie was that the entire time, the main character was doing a sexy whisper voice and it got pretty annoying. I’m sure this woman was a good actress, but using the sexy voice the whole time made it seem like she wasn’t. Also, I couldn’t decide if she was attractive or not. Maybe if she didn’t use the voice the whole time I could’ve. The thing that stuck with me after watching this movie was not good. Again, it wasn’t a bad movie, but after watching it I got the same feeling you get after watching porn, shame. Anyway, if you’re into strange indie movies and unnecessary nudity then watch this movie, I’d give it a 5.5/10. Now, be sure to subscribe to and share our blog, podcast, and YouTube page. Also, follow us on social media using the icons at the top of the page. Thanks for reading.

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