A Nuclear Review: “The Disaster Artist”

On a cold and gloomy Friday afternoon, Caleb, Nick, and Cameron went to go see a newly released film in theaters.  “The Disaster Artist” is a “based on a true story” movie about the writing, directing, and production of the best, worst movie ever made, “The Room”.  Starring James Franco as Tommy Wiseau and Dave Franco as Greg Sestero, the movie follows the origins of their friendship, their shared loved of acting, and the hopes of one day, becoming famous.

With none of us having seen the original film, “The Room”, and having only little knowledge of the real actors portrayed, we were going into this not knowing what to expect, but what we got was one of the funniest stories about making it big in Hollywood.  James Franco’s portrayal of Tommy was spot on and is really what sold this movie.  His mysterious origins as an actor including his age, birth place, and where he got the 6 million dollars to make his film makes for one of the best real life characters I’ve ever seen James Franco play.

This film could be categorized as a biography, comedy, and drama.  It has something for everyone.  One moment you will be laughing at the unintelligible phrases coming from the spot on impression of Tommy, and then the next you will be pulled into the dilemmas Greg must face while working with him.

Upon exiting the theater, I looked at Nick and all he could say was, “What the f**k did we just watch?”, to which I replied, “One of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen!”, and it was.  I highly recommend going to see this movie even if you haven’t seen the film it is based off of.

We give this film a 9/10!

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