Something to check out…

You probably noticed that we haven’t posted much lately, but this time it isn’t because we’re lazy. Ok, it is a little bit, but it’s mostly because it was Christmas time and we were all kind of busy. To start off our return from Christmas, you should check out NBC’s SuperStore. Superstore is an awesome workplace comedy about the employees of a superstore, obviously. The way I would describe it is as a modern Scrubs, but no cutaway jokes and it’s set in a superstore. Right now there are three seasons of the show including the current season and they’re all on Hulu. It returns to NBC on January 4th at 8 and I would highly recommend watching the first two seasons and all of the episodes of the current season then watching the new episode on January 4th. Thanks for reading! Be sure to subscribe to and share our blog, podcast, and YouTube. Also follow us on social media using the icons at the top of the page.



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