Top 5 Fast Food Restaurants

This is possibly the most ridiculous and useless list you will ever gaze upon, but I’m going to create it anyway. The list of my top 5 favorite fast food places excluding pizza places. I will be combing the factors of price, taste, and quality. Also, I need to again say how ridiculous I feel writing this list.


5. Cook Out

Cook Out is pretty dang good. It’s cheap and it tastes good. The biggest problem is that every Cook Out I’ve ever been to has been super crowded. To correct that problem, most of the crowd it attractive ladies.


The only reason Chick-fil-a is this low on the list is because of the crowd. Cook Out is always crowded, but that’s just because I only go to Cook Out at like 1 AM. Chick-fil-a is super crowded %100 of the time.



Wendy’s isn’t too expensive and the food quality is good and there are delicious vegetables on every burger that I get.


2-Burger King

Burger King is far better than McDonald’s. It’s cheap and good and the size of the burgers surprise me every time.



Hardees has curly fries. Done.


I must again say how ridiculous I feel writing this list and I am unsure why I even decided to make it. Thanks for reading and subscribe to our blog and stuff….Go read the last two sentences of any other post on the site.





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