Trying to look smart doesn’t make you look smart. (WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE)

I am not really a smart person, but I’m not stupid. I just watched the movie Ingrid Goes West. I enjoyed it, I thought it was a good movie. I then made the mistake of looking at the reviews. There were a couple of good ones that were all about three sentences each. Honestly that’s how long every movie review should be. I kept looking at more reviews and I got really angry really quickly. It was just a bunch of people typing random garbage to make themselves seem like a reliable source. They’re not. I’ve made a similar post to this before when I said not to listen to movie critics, especially fan reviews. One review said “This movie never digs beneath the most obvious layers of it’s L.A. stereotypes”. What the fuck? The dumbass who wrote that obviously didn’t even watched the movie. The whole fucking point of the movie was to do exactly what this idiot said it wasn’t doing. He said it never dug beneath the stereotypes when it literally ended with the digging into a stereotype. It ended (SPOILER) with an L.A. woman being exposed for not actually having a real personality and just trying to fit in with the trends. Another stupid ass review said “a depressingly predictable.. blah blah blah..bullshit..bullshit..ignorance.” This movie is predictable in the same way that every other movie ever is. And why does it matter that it’s predictable if it’s a good movie you fucking idiot. This trying to sound smart idiocy isn’t just in movies though. I once read a review of Aerosmith’s album “Honkin on Bobo” that said it was “lazy”. No! No! No! It wasn’t fucking lazy, it was just different and some people are too stupid to see the difference. Rather than accepting change, they just call it bad and move on. It’s amazing to me that some people can read stuff like this article or see something like the Yelp episode of South Park and think “oh I’m not like those people” when they all are. The people who post online reviews of the South Park Yelp episode probably wrote some bullshit like “This episode gives a smart insight into…bullshit.” Don’t pull shit out of your ass to look smart because it never works. I used to hate when people used the word “fake” to describe stuff, but now I understand. People accuse other people of being “fake” so that they won’t get accused of it first because most people are “fake”. I used to always hear “be yourself!” and “don’t be afraid to be you” and I always thought that was common knowledge and that everyone already does that, but fucking nope. Who gives a single fuck what anyone thinks? Stop trying to be smart. Stop trying to seem cool by being a vegan or vaping or smoking weed, or listening to rap, or country, the list goes on. There is just so much fucking bullshit everywhere that it’s ridiculous. If someone is being an asshole, don’t take that as them being cool and try to imitate them. Take that as they’re a fucking asshole and tell them to their face. If any of this article didn’t make sense, I’m sorry, I’m just very angry right now. Subscribe to our blog and stuff.


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