Cheddar Party 5

Feel free to believe whatever you want, except scientology. Anyway, no one religion is “right”. All religion is based on faith, so believe what you want. What you should never do is force your beliefs on other people. Soliciting religion is one of the most annoying things you can do and it’s wrong. If someone is at their place of work, you shouldn’t take that as an opportunity to tell them they’re gonna go to hell if they don’t believe what you believe. That’s ridiculous and everyone hates it. What’s even worse is going to people in their home. Think about it, you’re intruding on someone’s home to force them to hear things that they don’t want to hear. You’re going to the place where people are the most comfortable and taking their comfort away. Trying to force someone to convert to your religion is gonna make them far less likely to even consider your religion as an option. Soliciting religion is wrong no matter how you think about it.

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