A Nuclear Review: Creep 2

I truly believe that every review of everything ever should be one sentence long, but I’m a hypocrite. So, since I am a hypocrite, this is a review of the movie Creep 2 and it is longer than one sentence. Before you continue reading, you must know that if I say that a movie is good, then it is good and that should be enough to make you want to watch it.

The first Creep movie was very good. Usually, I hate found footage movies because almost all of the time, they are really bad. From bad acting to terrible shaky cam, found footage is a pretty horrible sub-genre, but when I watched Creep, it was amazing. This was the first ever found footage movie that I didn’t hate. Both Creep movies are about the same sort of situation. Both star Mark Duplass as a really creepy guy who lures people from craigslist to places so he can murder them. I won’t tell you anymore about the plot though,  because you have google, but I will tell you both of the movies are definitely worth watching.

The first movie was better in my opinion, but the second one had it’s moments. The second one is just as weird as the first one, but the main character (his name changes in the movies) is not as creepy. The second one isn’t as scary as the first one, but it is a nice continuation of the first one and shows the “creep” in a new light. The only big problem I had was the weird and bad ending. Other than that, I think you should watch Creep 2, but ONLY after watching the first one.


The Nuclear Crew’s Rating

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