The USA is the Greatest f****** country…(Caution: Explicit Language)

People seem to have forgotten, but the United States of America is the greatest fucking country there is. I will admit that I am not the most patriotic person, but I know how lucky I am to live in the U.S. Lately people have been so caught up in complaining about things that they’re taking other things for granted. While everyone is busy being offended at everything and complaining about things that simply aren’t worth complaining about, they’re forgetting that we live in a country that contains some of the most beautiful and amazing sites to see.
Think about it. How can you seriously waste your time being offended by the name of a fucking football team when there are places like the Redwood Forest in California. How could you be ok with creating controversy and directing hatred towards someone for saying something that wasn’t controversial at all when you could go to the Grand Canyon. Would you rather do something horrible out of unnecessary and unwarranted anger or look at something so beautiful that you can’t help but shed a couple of tears? Not only are there so many beautiful things all over our country, there are amazing people too. Sure, there are bad people, but the good far outweighs the bad. We are Free, at least we are supposed to be. Our freedom isn’t limited by the government. Our freedom is limited by the people who decide that a simple horror movie is too controversial. Our freedom is limited by people who decide that anyone who isn’t gluten free is the devil himself. Our freedom is limited by people who decide that you’re a piece of shit for thinking that someone who looks like a man is a man. Stop doing these things.
 There’s no reason to do these things. Chances are, if you are complaining about things and spending all of your time protesting and being angry about made up and ridiculous “issues” then you don’t know how fucking lucky you are. I’m not gonna compare the U.S. to other countries because there is no reason to. The U.S. is an amazing place and if you are too stupid to see that then move to another country. Yes, things change and get better and I’m not saying that people are wrong for trying to change things for the better, but that’s the problem. People need to recognize two things. One: all change is not good, some things don’t need to change. Two: the way to change things isn’t to be angry and bully people. It’s not to pressure people by telling them what they’re doing is wrong. So next time you want to be offended or angry about something that you know you shouldn’t even be bothered by, stop and think of just how fucking lucky your unappreciative ass is. I know that I’m being a hypocrite by complaining about people who complain, but if that’s what it takes to make people remember how great they have it, then that’s what I’ll do. Now, after you subscribe to and share our blog, podcast, and YouTube page. And after you follow us on all social media using the icons at the top of the page, enjoy these photos that show just how beautiful the USA is.

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