Something to Check out/Avoid/Look forward to

All in one post this week. Getting fancy. Something that we think you should check out this week is axis and allies. Axis and allies is a strategy board game that I’m told is like risk on steroids. I’ve never played risk so I don’t know if this is true nor do I know if it is possible for a board game to take steroids. Anyway, the point is that axis and allies is quite good. In the game, you can play as one or more countries during WWII and your goal is to…well win the war. The countries you have to choose from depends on which version of the game you get. The rules also vary depending on which version, but the basics are pretty much the same. Like many other strategy games, a&a can be stressful and hard to understand, but once you figure everything out, it is very much worth it. It takes a long time to play by it is definitely worth your time.

Something you should avoid is the movie OUIJIA. This movie came out in 2014 and it was about some people using a ouija board. I haven’t watched it since it came out, but I remember that it wasn’t very good, it wasn’t scary, and it was kind of boring. The biggest problem for me was the plot. It had exactly the same plot of every other movie about a Ouija board ever. I would not recommend watching this.

Something you should look forward to is New Mutants. New Mutants is going to be essentially a horror movie in the marvel universe. I can’t tell you much about it because I don’t know much about it. I’m doing what I like to call a dirty sandwich. A dirty sandwich is where I block out all information about an upcoming movie until i actually go and watch it. Usually I wouldn’t even watch the trailer, but for this one, I have and it looks awesome. It’s set to come out on April 18th of this year and you should definitely go see it.


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