Can 2018 PLEASE be the year where people stop posting shit about the gym. No one cares if the gym “really kicked your ass today” or if you’re “puttin’ in work”. It’s annoying and no one wants to see it. It’s bragging and while some bragging is tolerable sometimes, this bragging is never tolerable. Oh wow you’re in shape! F****** good for you. The key word is YOU. Good for YOU, not for anyone else. The ONLY time posting about your #gymlife is ok is when you were fat and you lost a lot of weigh. Even then, don’t post during your weight loss. Before and after only. Gym pics have to be the one of the douchiest things you can post so that’s why I want to start a new hashtag. #Stopgympics2018. In this case, I don’t care if you share our blog. The only thing that is important for you to share here is #Stopgympics2018.

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