The Story of AUX OUT

Long before I started editing videos and audio for The Nuclear Crew, I spent my time learning how to produce my own original music. This all started with my discovery of dubstep in 2011 and since then I’ve learned so much.My first experience with dubstep in 2011 came with the introduction to Liquid Stranger and Bassnectar, two amazing artist in the world of EDM and Dubstep. Hearing their sounds and melodies inspired me to want to learn how to make music just good, if not better. But there were two problems, I had no prior experience with music or musical instruments, and I had no equipment. Luckily that was about to change.

After acquiring my first job as a grocery clerk I began saving for equipment. MIDI keyboards, speaker monitors, headphones, virtual instruments, and music software. My very first piece of equipment was a Maschine Mikro from Native Instruments. With 16 velocity sensitive touch pads, a whole world of sounds was literally at my fingertips, and with that piece of equipment, I created my very first track entitled “AUX OUT”. And at this point in my life I had little knowledge of how to play a piano or music theory, so all my songs up until 2014 are improvised pieces of garbage.

After that first track, I was determined to learn as fast as possible. Every moment I had that wasn’t spent at school or work was spent in front of my computer, watching videos, reading articles, and experimenting with the various plug-ins that came with my software. Creating vivid sounds in Massive and playing with orchestral strings in Kontakt.

In the beginning of 2012 I started my SoundCloud to upload and keep track of my progress, after my first upload I gave myself a personal challenge. I was to create a new original song every week and upload it by Friday. Obviously this task would end up to be impossible to complete but my 16 year old self was determined. I was on a good streak for a while, coming home on my days off of work and sometimes completing a song in a single day, giving me time to learn how to mix and master my tracks for supreme listening.

To this date I have 25 (maybe 30, I’m too lazy to count) original tracks posted to my SoundCloud. I haven’t been as active there as of recent due to further schooling and work but since 2014 I have learned piano and guitar, tried my hands at drums, worked in studio environment doing mixing and mastering, and continuing to learn about the world of music and audio. And with that knowledge I have been given the privilege to work alongside my friends to record podcasts and videos, even if no one watches and listens to them, and if you do, thank you!

Thanks for reading! Below will be a link to my most recent track on SoundCloud. I’ll also provide a link to my friend Lil Beefy, who I helped produce a majority of the tracks on his first album “Just Terrible”.

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