Who we are…

Eventually, we will tell the origin story of the Nuclear Crew, but right now, we’re just gonna stick to telling you who we are. We’ve said before that we’re a gaming team turned podcast and….you know. But now, you will learn more. Cameron recently made a post entitled “The Story of Aux Out”. It was about his story, now you will learn part of the story of all of us.

I am Caleb. I love filmmaking, complaining, wrestling, and making terrible music. I like horror movies a little too much, I have a tattoo on my butt, I’m loud, and I’m an attention whore.

There’s Josh, he’s black, or maybe Mexican, or Indian, but not the kind from India. Josh doesn’t like no bullshit (True for all of us). Josh does snowboarding, mountain biking, and more of the kind of stuff that the rest of us are too lazy to do.

Next we have Nick. Nick is the oldest and I’m pretty sure he’s the only one of us in a relationship. I think Nick and Josh may be the only ones with a life outside of our group. Also, Nick likes beer.

Cameron is the most private. He doesn’t like to be in videos or anything and he prefers to be behind the scenes. Cameron is more involved with making music than any of us.

Austin is next and he likes guns. He likes guns and recording his vidya games hehe. We will use his yard to play airsoft (If we ever play).

Myles is last and hangs out with us the least. And I forgot that he is the only one other than Nick that’s in a relationship. Myles is secretly insane in a slightly good way I guess.

There are a lot of ways to describe The Nuclear Crew. Basically we consider ourselves just a group of good bad friends. And in a post I’ve made before, I’ve said that everyone doesn’t always agree with what I post, but one thing that I know we all agree on is that we are a crew and we will stick together. A quote that sums us up very well- “We’re the best of friends, we’re the worst of friends in the sense that no one likes us. But we dont care we know we can’t do better that’s what it takes to join us.” You’ll learn what that quote is from soon….

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