How the Crew Started…

If you are one of the 6 people who reads our blog posts, you’re probably wondering who the Nuclear Crew is. Well, probably not, but I’m gonna tell you anyway. The Crew started out as nothing more than a group of good friends. After a while they decided to form a gaming team and started to put themselves out there with business cards, t shirts, social media and you know… more stuff like that. After the excitement kind of died down a little bit and the posting and promoting stopped, a handsome young man by the name of Caleb came along. That’s when the crew went from gaming team back to just a group of friends. Next came a YouTube sensation we called assblasters. But we’re not gonna talk much about that for so many reasons. I will say this though, it was not gay porn if that’s what you were thinking.

After a while, we decided to start a podcast. We got the equipment together and began to record. We recorded the podcast and released it to iTunes and it was terrible. The volume levels were inconsistent, the whole thing was full of dead air, it wasn’t funny or organized. Right now, our podcast remains unorganized, but the other stuff is better and now it’s at least somewhat entertaining. Anyway, after the podcast came our very first short film…..attempt.

It took quite a while for us to actually finish a short film, but when we did, it was pretty dang good. The film was called “The Shadow Doll” and he thing that motivated us to actually finally finish it was a contest. It was a contest for the movie Annabelle creation. We did not win, but we did not give up. Because we’re not quitters damn it.

Later on down the line we made another short film called “SECRETS” for another contest. We did not win that contest, but again, we are not quitters. After “SECRETS”, we finished our first non-contest short film. It was called “WAITING” and was supposed to be in the same universe as “SECRETS” and we were gonna expand on the two films with more films, but we never did…or maybe we have. NO, we didn’t.

Nowadays, we still think of doing short films and the podcast, but neither thing happens nearly as much as we would like it to. What we really do now is upload random videos to YouTube semi-regularly and post to this blog semi-regularly. Now, during this article I skipped A LOT of stuff, but you probably didn’t care anyway. Thanks for reading! Subscribe to our blog and follow us on social media!

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