Thank you Mom and Dad…

I owe my parents so much. I don’t always express to them how amazing they’ve made my life or how much they taught me or how much they mean to me, but I should do it every day. I realize how lucky I am to have two parents that live in the same house and love each other. I realize how lucky I am to have such a big and amazing family. My parents have given me so much. They’ve given me a safe house and a warm bed. They’ve given me the skills I’ll need someday to live on my own. They’ve raised me say what I mean and to speak for myself. They’ve taught me to take pride in what I do. They’ve taught me how to deal with tough situations. They’ve given me such a big appreciation for music that I love music almost as much as I love them. They taught me to look people in the eyes when I’m talking to them. They taught me how to be creative. My parents taught me to be humble and to always treasure everything I have. They taught me to fill myself with love and to love unconditionally and they taught me to love every person wether I like that person or not. My parents have taught me that it’s ok to be myself. My parent’s are the greatest parents I could ask for and I will always love them and feel blessed for everything they’ve done for me. Along with all of this, they’ve done so much more, but I don’t know that I have enough words to say everything they’ve done for me. The point of this article is to show them how much I love them and to tell you to let your parents know how much you love them as much as possible. This article may have been a little cheesy, but that’s just how it came out. Thanks for reading.


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