ATTENTION: The story you are about to read IS CHEESY.

A man is presented with two doors. Through the first door there is a good future. There is a good life with a good wife and a good family. There is a guarantee of a stable future and there is a guarantee that he will be somewhat happy. This door is the easy choice. This door is has no risk. Through door two, there is a chance at pure happiness. There is a chance for an adventurous life with an amazing wife. There is the chance that he will be forever filled with happiness, but the key word there is “chance”. There is a risk through this door. The happiness, the girl, the adventure, none of it is garunteed. There is only a chance that these things will happen. So which door does he choose? It’s easy right? The door where your future is garunteed. Or maybe not. Maybe some people don’t want to know what thier future holds. Maybe some people don’t want to just be content with their life. Maybe being happy is worth the risk. Anyway, the story ends with the man picking door one, but he picked door one for the wrong reasons. He picked door one because he was afraid. He didn’t want to take the risk. He was afraid that the risk wouldn’t pay off and he would end up being alone. He would rather have a guaranteed future of being content than take the risk and maybe end up having a life where he is happy. I don’t really know the point of this story if I’m being honest. Don’t make decisions out of fear? I honestly have no idea. I guess I just needed to post something.

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