I worry too much…

Before you read, just know that this article contains some form of the word “worry” just about every sentence.

I’m a worrier and I hate it. When even the smallest thing goes wrong I start spiraling and assuming the worst case scenario. This is horrible. Even if nothing has gone wrong yet and I just think something might go wrong, this happens. I’m happy right now, but I can’t help think that if I wasn’t worrying about everything all the time then I would be happier. I wish I knew how to fix this problem, but if I did, I don’t know if I would because as much as I hate this problem, it’s not always a problem. Sometimes worrying is good, at least for me. What if I didn’t worry? Would I still be a good person? Would I be safe if I wasn’t worried about things going wrong? I don’t know and I’m currently worrying about worrying too much. The biggest problem with having this problem is how much of my energy is used worrying. When I’m worried about something, time passes incredibly slowly, I can’t focus on anything, I can’t carry on a conversation, when I’m worried about something, worrying is about the only thing I can do. This is just another problem that I don’t know how to solve because I don’t know what solution would actually work.

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