Don’t assume…

It’s so strange how you can be in a room full of people and have no idea what any of them are thinking. Well, I guess it’s not strange, but it’s cool? Crazy? I don’t know the right adjective, but you know what I mean. You could be in a waiting room for something with 5 other people. You’re all in that waiting room for the same reason, but you all have drastically different thoughts in your head. Ok, you may think that everyone in the waiting room is just thinking about when they’ll stop waiting, but no. You may be thinking that while the person next to you is thinking about how he’s gonna go kill some kids later. It’s scary. There’s a reason that parents tell thier kids not to talk to strangers and for that same reason, a lot of adults don’t talk to strangers unless they just have to. Everyone knows not to judge a book by the cover and you shouldn’t, but some people forget that it goes both ways. Don’t just assume that someone is a bad person based on how they look, but also don’t assume someone is a good person based on how they look. Research some famous serial killers, some of them were pretty handsome fellas, a lot of them looked on sight like they would be trustworthy, but that’s how they murder ya. Of course the situation isn’t always that extreme, but I’m trying to make a point. Never assume.

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