Since everyone else is talking about it…

Everyone is getting really upset about “gun control” laws and stuff. People want to ban guns and won’t listen to reason about anything. Of course, guns can be bad, but they can also keep you safe. If we ban guns then the only thing that will change is our ability to protect ourselves from criminals who are going to get guns wether they are legal or not. I’m not gonna say that people should lighten up about it, because it is a serious issue, but I have two things to say. One, don’t forget “Gun’s don’t kill people. People kill people” and banning guns completely isn’t going to change that or fix anything because the people who want to harm others will still get guns or just find another way that may end up being even worse. Two, don’t speak out unless you know what you’re talking about. It’s ridiculous how little the people that are protesting and getting angry actually know. Before you go and get angry and yell at a complete stranger about something, at least know what you’re talking about and don’t talk out your ass. Also don’t yell at a complete stranger. To end this article, go watch the gun fever episodes of “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia”. They’re quite humorous.

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