Banana flavored diarrhea cake

I want to make a deep and thought provoking post. I want to be good at singing. I want to be a successful filmmaker. I want to go to cool places. I want to say things that are cheesy without being awkward and cringeworthy. I want to be happy all the time. I want to find someone who I can love with every bit of myself and have them return the same amount of love. There’s a lot of stuff that I want and I don’t know if I’ll ever get any of it. This used to make me sad, but it doesn’t anymore. You wanna know why? You probably don’t care, but I’m gonna tell you anyway. It’s because I fucking love stuff. How could I possibly be sad or angry for long when there’s just so many amazing things around me? I can’t. Recently, anytime I’ve been sad or angry, it’s gone away pretty quickly because I saw something or heard something that completely reversed my negative feelings and it can be the smallest thing too, a cheesy joke told by a stranger coming through my checkout lane, shuffling the music on my phone to see the first song is the song that has been stuck in my head all day, or even just a smile from a stranger. My point is that there is no point in being angry or sad all the time, there’s just way too many fucking amazing things all around. I’m a much less angry person than I used to be and I am way happier because being angry really is just a waste of time. This is also another post that is just gonna suddenly end cause I don’t know how to end it…

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