New content…

We have not been posting a lot lately. I swear I’ve written that sentence at least forty times and that’s a problem. For a while we had semi constant content, but not anymore. What I can garuntee is that we’re working on something BIG. There is no official date of when we will release or even announce this, but until then we will be releasing new content. Well, not new, but unseen. That’s right, I will be going through our unused and never before seen footage of everything we’ve ever done and I will release it here. Wether you care or not, I don’t know, but it’s gonna happen either way. These unseen videos will range from a low quality portrait veiw clip of one of us jumping in the pool at high school prom (we didn’t all go to the same high school) to behind the scenes of one of our weird videos. Now, you get to see the prom video I just mentioned. Enjoy, share our website, and continue to visit us. Thanks.

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