The solution to find the gun solution…

People are getting real steamed about guns. They’re getting so steamed that they’re only able to yell and hate and threaten. This comes from people on both sides of the argument. This will not solve anything. This only makes things worse. And most importantly, this is the reason I’ve stopped using Facebook. But in all seriousness, I’m seeing people get so mad that they say things such as “all gun owners should be killed” (and people still think guns are the problem lol). Anyway, wether I’m pro gun or anti gun doesnt matter because this article isn’t being written to get out my opinions. Ok it is but not that opinion. I don’t know how we can decide a solution, if I am being honest, gun violence won’t stop no matter what we decide. People are gonna find ways to get guns no matter what. Now back to my solution to find a solution. People are getting so passionate and so scared that they won’t even listen to the other side of the argument. They won’t even acknowledge that the other side could be right. It’s understandable that people are getting this way. On one side they’re scared for their safety and the safety of others. On the other side, they wanna be safe of course, but they are scared that taking away their means to protect themselves, their right as Americans will only lead to more rights being taken away. Either way, fear is not the way to solve the problem. Yelling and threatening is not the way to solve the problem. We all leaned this as kids, we find a solution by taking about it. I don’t mean yelling, I mean talking. If we all come together and have a civil, unbiased conversation about this, we can come to a solution. I believe this is the best way to find a solution, but it will probably never happen. Some people just don’t have it in them to compromise or to hear anyone out. It’s sad, but it’s true. Another sad truth we must realize to come to a solution is that no matter what we eventually decide, violence won’t stop. Tragedy will still strike, but if we can all talk about things with a civil tongue then we can lessen the violence and tragedy.

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