Check this out… If you’re in Knoxville, Tennessee

On the off chance that you live in Knoxville, then I’ve got the thing for you. It’s a group on Facebook for filmmakers in Knoxville, Tennessee. The description is as follows.

“If you are interested in any aspect of filmmaking, then this is the place for you. Whether you want to operate a camera, direct, write, act, promote, no matter what you want to do, this is the place to do it. Here we will have constant projects going on. When a new project starts, we will post details about it including what cast and crew we need and all you have to do is comment or message if you want in. Keep in mind that all of this is basically volunteer work. This is for people who want to have fun and gain experience in filmmaking. None of us are experts, but maybe starting here can change that. Currently we have 3 projects going on and we will post details about them soon. Thanks for reading, please like this page and share with anyone you think would be interested.”

If you are not in Knoxville and want to write a project for us to make them feel free to do that to. The group is called “Ocular Penetration Filmmaking Knoxville”. Look it up!

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