Meet the Crew

The Nuclear Crew started as a gaming team made up of a couple of friends. Now it is becoming more than that. We have started pursuing new adventures including podcasts, short films, gaming commentary videos, and hopefully more. Stay tuned to see many exciting things to come!

The Team


Caleb is probably the most annoying one. He’s an attention hogger and you can easily tell if you’ve ever listened to one of our podcasts or watched any behind the scenes videos.


Josh is not an Indian. Josh is probably the closest any of us will ever have to a black friend. Josh has way more Gamecube games than anyone should and is the kind of fella who isn’t gonna put up with any of your bullshit.


Nick (above) is known in the group as “Old Man”. Nick has a beard as you may have noticed and likes to rub things against it. Nick has the second most posts on the website because appearanlty no one else is interested in posting.


Cameron (above) really doesn’t like his picture being taken. Cameron is definitely the most private person out of all of us. Cameron is the one who edits our podcast and does anything we need music-wise. Among all of these other things, Cameron is the cameraman for every video project we work on.


Austin (above) has been  a part of the Nuclear Crew since the beginning. He live streams games more than any of us. He’s kind of the redneck of the group, but mostly because of the accent.


Myles (above) is the guy you know who has inside knowledge of every conspiracy theory that there is. This man will never give you up, nor let you down. As of this writing, Myles has 1 post(s) on the website.


You can e-mail us with any questions, comments, or inquiries at or you can find us on social media using one of the icons at the top of the page.

(Disclaimer: We do not discriminate against anyone for race or religious views. All negative comments against such are simply satirical and in the spirit of fun and humor. No person should feel offended or the target of bigottry, and if you feel those feelings, please contact us.)