Movie of the week (June 11-17)

Split We all sat around and watched this movie (Except Cameron because he has a early bed time). The movie did very well at sticking to the multiple personalities of the main character.  Kevin, the main character, has 23 personalities. Three girls are kidnapped by Kevin's personalities. It is a good movie and has … Continue reading Movie of the week (June 11-17)

Game of the Week ( May 7th – May 13th)

Time Splitters Future Perfect is the game of the week for many factors. This is one of my favorite GameCube games. The game has a great variety of era themed characters that assist Cortez, like Harry Tipper and Captain Ash, there's even help from Cortez himself. The game also features co-op and multiplayer. Multiplayer offered … Continue reading Game of the Week ( May 7th – May 13th)