New Episode

We finally released the next episode of our wild adventure...  We're sorry that it's been a bit and hopefully we will be able to get in sync again with the schedule, but this movie is becoming a pain lol. But we're still here and hopefully you are too. Welcome back is now out on iTunes … Continue reading New Episode


hey everyone... sorry that we have not done anything in a few weeks. we have all been busy with other projects and taking summer classes.  I know that you have been waiting for the newest podcast... HOPEFULLY... Cameron gets off his lazy ass and actually uploads it lol, but it should be up in a … Continue reading UPDATE!

Next Podcast Releasing Soon

Alright... So to the few people who give a crap about us and our stupid shenanigans... since me (Nick) and camcam were on vacation last week we weren't able to record a podcast until last night in which we were exhausted either way.  Due to this, we will not release an episode today BUT will … Continue reading Next Podcast Releasing Soon

Song of the week (June 25th – July 2nd) Being that forth of July is next week we thought that a song to get us ready for the celebration is a good idea... So... I chose "American" by Macklemore. This wholesome song is one that brings a smile to...most people's face lol. Eh screw it, this song is great and very american... minus … Continue reading Song of the week (June 25th – July 2nd)

Now on Castbox!!

Seems like today is a big day for the nuclear crew and it's "atomic talk" segment. We are now on castbox as well. Which is a free podcast app that you can get in the Google store. So as before... Listen up fuckers and stay tuned for bullshit and fun with... ATOMIC TALK (LISTENERS DISCRETION … Continue reading Now on Castbox!!

It’s official!! Now on ITUNES

Well it's official!! We got approved to be on iTunes so now you can carry the crew more conveniently in your pocket!!! Just go to iTunes, click podcasts and type in "Atomic Talk." ENJOY!