The solution to find the gun solution…

People are getting real steamed about guns. They're getting so steamed that they're only able to yell and hate and threaten. This comes from people on both sides of the argument. This will not solve anything. This only makes things worse. And most importantly, this is the reason I've stopped using Facebook. But in all … Continue reading The solution to find the gun solution…

Happy Easter!

It's not an unusual problem for us but we have had a lack of posts lately, so I'm breaking the silence by saying happy Easter. Wether you're Christian, Jewish, Muslim, whatever religion you are, Easter is the holiday we can all come together and celebrate the gruesome murder of the Easter bunny by eating candy … Continue reading Happy Easter!


The other day Cameron made a joke and it was pretty accurate. I don't remember it exactly, but it was something about how we always have our 1 AM depressing posts or something like that. It's true tho, I've been posting some depressing ass shit and I'm gonna stop cause I don't really know why … Continue reading Truf