Top 10 – Movies (Every Genre)

Before you read this, I must clarify. As was my previous list, this list is full guessed it - opinions. This list isn't based on the financial success or the reviews of the movies. It is based solely on my opinions. Please enjoy or go f*** yourself. 10 - Sinister Sinister is the first scary … Continue reading Top 10 – Movies (Every Genre)

A Nuclear Review: Creep 2 I truly believe that every review of everything ever should be one sentence long, but I'm a hypocrite. So, since I am a hypocrite, this is a review of the movie Creep 2 and it is longer than one sentence. Before you continue reading, you must know that if I say that a movie … Continue reading A Nuclear Review: Creep 2

RE: Greatest Movie Scene of All Time?

Our dearest Caleb has made a sincere mistake and I am here to fix it. He linked a video of the train sequence from Spider-Man 2, and labeled it as "The Greatest Movie Scene of All Time", but the actual greatest movie scene can be traced back to the infamous "Pizza Time" scene. With an … Continue reading RE: Greatest Movie Scene of All Time?

Greatest movie scene of all time? Spiderman 2 is one of, if not the greatest superhero movie of all time, so it's no surprise that it contains what, in my opinion, is the greatest scene to ever be in any movie. The scene is just so gosh darn powerful. Even if the whole movie was garbage, which it's not, it would … Continue reading Greatest movie scene of all time?

Something to Check Out… Pleasantville is a great forgotten comedy starring Tobey McGuire, Reese Witherspoon, Paul Walker, and many more. I love this movie, but I also love just about anything related to the 50's. In this movie, two siblings who live in the 90s are transported into a 50's sitcom where things are very different. Things that are … Continue reading Something to Check Out…

Something to Check Out.. The Condemned is a WWE Studios movie starring "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. It's not the best movie, but it is entertaining. Basically, it is about an island full of death row convicts set free on an island. They all fight to the death to see who can survive. Whoever survives will be set free. … Continue reading Something to Check Out..