Something to check out…

GTA online is nothing new. It's been out for a few years and most people know about it. The reason I'm writing this is because some people either don't know about GTA online, or got bored with it in the early stages and never gave it another chance. There's so much to do in GTA … Continue reading Something to check out…

A Nuclear Review: SuperHot (video game)

SuperHot is a FPS video game released in 2016 by Team SuperHot. I myself have only been playing the game for about 2 hours and the only thing I can say about it is that it is SUPER HOT! Without giving too much of the plot away, (or lack there of) I will explain how … Continue reading A Nuclear Review: SuperHot (video game)

Something to avoid… Dead By Daylight is something I think you should avoid. The game is an awesome idea, especially for a horror fan, but it doesn't deliver. I'm not saying it's a bad game, I'm just not saying it's good. Nevermind, I'm saying that it's bad. I don't like this game at all and I was really … Continue reading Something to avoid…

Game of the Week (Week July 16-22) The game of the week this week is Bioshock Infinite. With an awesome story and mind blowing concept, Bioshock Infinite pulls you into the city in the sky to play as Booker DeWitt. Stunning graphics and mind bending ideas are just two things that make this game so great, and personally one of my … Continue reading Game of the Week (Week July 16-22)

Game of the Week (June 25th – July 2nd) Red Dead Redemption is the Grand Theft Auto of the old west and it's amazing. From the first mission of the main game to the zombie DLC, Red Dead Redemption is enjoyable all the way through. I loved this game and I'm excited about the second installment.

Game of the Week (June 4-10) Skate 3 is a must have game for any skater, or any gamer. Even if you don't like skating that much, this game is still at least worth a try. It's not too challenging, but it is a little more difficult than the Tony Hawk series. Instead of having multiple small free roam maps, … Continue reading Game of the Week (June 4-10)

Game of the week (May 21- 26)

Today, ladies and gentlemen, we shall be looking at the video game entitled Sunset Overdrive. While this video game is not the newest of video games in the realm of video games, it is dear to our hearts. With creative graphics, entertaining dialog, and enjoyable movement system, Sunset Overdrive, is sure to win the hearts … Continue reading Game of the week (May 21- 26)

Game Of The Week (May 14-20)

This week's game of the week is Portal 2. With it's excellent storytelling and intricate puzzles, it's is a must play for anybody who likes platformers and/or puzzlers! Set in the events after Portal, Portal 2 takes you to the deeper layers of Aperture Laboratory and the secrets of the AI known as GLaDOS. With … Continue reading Game Of The Week (May 14-20)