A Nuclear Review: SuperHot (video game)

SuperHot is a FPS video game released in 2016 by Team SuperHot. I myself have only been playing the game for about 2 hours and the only thing I can say about it is that it is SUPER HOT! Without giving too much of the plot away, (or lack there of) I will explain how … Continue reading A Nuclear Review: SuperHot (video game)


hey everyone... sorry that we have not done anything in a few weeks. we have all been busy with other projects and taking summer classes.  I know that you have been waiting for the newest podcast... HOPEFULLY... Cameron gets off his lazy ass and actually uploads it lol, but it should be up in a … Continue reading UPDATE!

Next Podcast Releasing Soon

Alright... So to the few people who give a crap about us and our stupid shenanigans... since me (Nick) and camcam were on vacation last week we weren't able to record a podcast until last night in which we were exhausted either way.  Due to this, we will not release an episode today BUT will … Continue reading Next Podcast Releasing Soon

Game of the Week (June 25th – July 2nd)

https://youtu.be/3gBctl1h_2o Red Dead Redemption is the Grand Theft Auto of the old west and it's amazing. From the first mission of the main game to the zombie DLC, Red Dead Redemption is enjoyable all the way through. I loved this game and I'm excited about the second installment.

Song of the week (June 25th – July 2nd)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqDu47GbQWk Being that forth of July is next week we thought that a song to get us ready for the celebration is a good idea... So... I chose "American" by Macklemore. This wholesome song is one that brings a smile to...most people's face lol. Eh screw it, this song is great and very american... minus … Continue reading Song of the week (June 25th – July 2nd)

Movie of the Week (June 25th – July 2nd)

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story https://youtu.be/W-XbDZUnUmw Everyone has seen Dodgeball, most have seen it more than once and thats because it's a great movie. It's one of my go to movies for when I'm bored. Recently I was reminded of this movie in an interesting way. You can win a chance to play dodgeball with … Continue reading Movie of the Week (June 25th – July 2nd)

This Weeks Podcast!

I don't know where the apostrophe goes, so suck it. Anyway, you should be excited for this Weeks podcast. There will be lots of awesome stuff. Cameron and Nick will probably talk about thier vacations (boring). Josh tried a new barber (no one cares) and I (Caleb) went to Fanboy Expo in Knoxville (exciting). I … Continue reading This Weeks Podcast!

Sorry to our few fans but…No Podcast today

Usually on Thursdays, we release a podcast. Today, we are not. Two of  The Nuclear Crew members have gone out of town on vacation and we didn't have time to record a podcast before they left. So no podcast for this week, but stay on the lookout for next week for another exciting episode as … Continue reading Sorry to our few fans but…No Podcast today

Movie of the Week (June 18th-25th)

Popstar: Never Stop Stopping https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHC7guX-FCk "Popstar: Never Stop Sopping" is hilarious. It stars the three members of the Lonely Island along with appearances by many top notch musicians. It's a very funny movie made for immature people like me. I was laughing the entire time and genuinely felt happy after seeing the ending. I'd give … Continue reading Movie of the Week (June 18th-25th)