Top 10 – Movies (Every Genre)

Before you read this, I must clarify. As was my previous list, this list is full guessed it - opinions. This list isn't based on the financial success or the reviews of the movies. It is based solely on my opinions. Please enjoy or go f*** yourself. 10 - Sinister Sinister is the first scary … Continue reading Top 10 – Movies (Every Genre)

RE: Greatest Movie Scene of All Time?

Our dearest Caleb has made a sincere mistake and I am here to fix it. He linked a video of the train sequence from Spider-Man 2, and labeled it as "The Greatest Movie Scene of All Time", but the actual greatest movie scene can be traced back to the infamous "Pizza Time" scene. With an … Continue reading RE: Greatest Movie Scene of All Time?


hey everyone... sorry that we have not done anything in a few weeks. we have all been busy with other projects and taking summer classes.  I know that you have been waiting for the newest podcast... HOPEFULLY... Cameron gets off his lazy ass and actually uploads it lol, but it should be up in a … Continue reading UPDATE!

Movie of the Week (June 25th – July 2nd)

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story Everyone has seen Dodgeball, most have seen it more than once and thats because it's a great movie. It's one of my go to movies for when I'm bored. Recently I was reminded of this movie in an interesting way. You can win a chance to play dodgeball with … Continue reading Movie of the Week (June 25th – July 2nd)

Movie of the Week (June 18th-25th)

Popstar: Never Stop Stopping "Popstar: Never Stop Sopping" is hilarious. It stars the three members of the Lonely Island along with appearances by many top notch musicians. It's a very funny movie made for immature people like me. I was laughing the entire time and genuinely felt happy after seeing the ending. I'd give … Continue reading Movie of the Week (June 18th-25th)

A Nuclear Review – Alien: Covenant (2017)

***Spoiler Alert*** After watching the first four Alien franchise films and Prometheus in a week before seeing this film, all I can say is "Wow". Alien: Covenant was one of the best looking films in the franchise, but not the best presented, and I'll explain starting with the bad, and ending with the good.   … Continue reading A Nuclear Review – Alien: Covenant (2017)

Movie Of The Week (May 21-27)

With the recent release of Alien: Covenant, the crew took the time to watch the prequel to the Alien Quadrilogy.  Prometheus is a 2012 sci fi thriller from the director (Ridley Scott) of the original 1979 film Alien. With stunning special fx and breathtaking visuals, this film captures the sensation of discovering a new world … Continue reading Movie Of The Week (May 21-27)

Movie of the week (may 14 – 20)

So they call me "old man" because I'm 6 years older than the next oldest person here. But, I do love old movies and last night me and my lady watched this classic... Beach Party. Released in 1963, this is the classic beach movie that if you're one for classics, watch this one. Yea it's … Continue reading Movie of the week (may 14 – 20)