My Top 10 Musical Artists (All Genres)

Honestly, this is the most difficult list I will ever create. Music is as important to me as my own family. Not only that, but for this list I'm throwing together all genres. Because of how difficult it is for me to decide what music I like best, there are a couple of entries that … Continue reading My Top 10 Musical Artists (All Genres)

Something to check out…NOW

I love music just as much as I love my family and friends. Music is one of the most important parts of my life. Music has made me sad, it's cheered me up, it's hyped me up. Music is how I get through hard times and it's what I turn to in most situations. The … Continue reading Something to check out…NOW

The Story of AUX OUT

Long before I started editing videos and audio for The Nuclear Crew, I spent my time learning how to produce my own original music. This all started with my discovery of dubstep in 2011 and since then I've learned so much.My first experience with dubstep in 2011 came with the introduction to Liquid Stranger and … Continue reading The Story of AUX OUT